Governance and Compliance

Commitment to Technology ‒ a concept that accounts for the name of the company – and values expressed in ethics, sustainability, quality, innovation, reliability and flexibility: these are Comtec´s tools in its search to fulfill its mission and establish differentials in terms of service. These same tools contributed to building the positive image of the company with its investors, customers, suppliers and society as a whole.

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The Company

The way Comtec works is cutting-edge in the business world, and accounts for its performance in more than 100 Brazilian cities. Comtec´s operation includes on-demand contracts, infrastructure outsourcing, customer retention, specification and standardization of customer’s infrastructure.

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The Customer

By developing its activities to provide advanced solutions in Information Technology and Electronic Security for the corporate segment, Comtec is committed to the full satisfaction of its customers, in an efficient and profitable way, preserving ethical values, contributing to sustainable development and continuously striving to improve its performance. 

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The Team

Comtec is committed to the premise that its main asset is the customers and the team. Thus, team work, stability, management, reliability, promptness and quality are concepts practiced permanently, since its foundation in 1988. 

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